Photo of TerriHi, I’m Terri Goodwin, owner of Bright River Studios. I’ve had a life long desire to produce something beautiful with my own hands. Whether it is a gift for a friend, an art show or something for my own home, I’m driven to create artwork that inspires happiness and joy.

After earning a BA in Design from UCLA I spent my early career as a graphic designer for small companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. In 1999, an interest in mosaic led to the desire to make my own ceramic tile. Making my ideas come to life with clay set me on a new path of creativity and experimentation. I also discovered that embedding my tiles into concrete was an ideal way to show off their interesting shapes and bright glazes. In addition to being durable, concrete is an amazingly versatile medium in and of itself. I continue to experiment with unique ways to mold, carve, color and polish it.

In the early part of 2012 I renamed my business to Bright River Studio. It was a fun but challenging process to think of something that might describe my work yet not pidgin hole me into one spot. I’ve always been inspired by the way water ripples and moves which shows through the sense of movement found in my work. The word river and all its connotations of change and movement stood out as an obvious choice. Adding bright made sense because of my love for bright colors. And so Bright River Studio was born as a place for me to call home while at the same time allowing me to grow and change as an artist.